Latter-day Saints Intro to the Hebrew Calendar5 min read

This post is an attempt to make a great deal of study on my part into an easy introduction to some information that is at least as interesting as it is important.

For most of my life I have found the Israelite history and culture fascinating. As a Latter-day Saint, we are all given our lineage in Israel, but as a missionary, while reading about the responsibilities and promises of Israel, I developed a powerful love and patriotism to my lost nation.

Since then I grew in my curiosity of ancient Israel, and I came across some beautiful and incredible truths.

One of the most significant ones is that the calendar that God gave the Israelites, often called the Hebrew calendar, or more accurately the Lord’s Calendar, is still in effect today! God has been giving us signs and fulfilling His promises to us on His calendar days for millennial, likely since the time of Adam, and He continues to follow His calendar today.

I have compiled a list of significant world and religious events that correlate with Hebrew holidays, their significance to us, and others which are still to come.

If anyone can think of any more, please leave suggestions in the comment section below and I will research them. Enjoy the discovery!

Calendar of Events

Explanation of Events

Sept 21, 1823 – Joseph Smith visited by Moroni, the angel with the trumpet and book.

Feast of Trumpets is the New Year, the day God remembers his promises, calls us to repent, and is the day of the “final harvest,” both physically, and in this case, spiritually as well.

Sept 22, 1827 – Joseph Smith receives Gold Plates from Moroni, promises to Nephites fulfilled, Book of Mormon calls us to repent and come unto Christ. Harvest of souls set to begin. Back in Jan 2000, the Ensign hosted this article on the Golden Plates and the Feast of Trumpets.

While Joseph Smith was collecting the Plates, the vision of Heber C Kimball was revealed. You can click the button below to read that in it’s entirety.

April 6th, 1830 – Last supper for Christ, establishment of His Kingdom in the last days, and first sacrament in the Last Days. It is Chiasmic, in a way.

April 3rd, 1836 – During Passover the Jews have a tradition to leave an empty chair and place setting at their table. Before the meal one of them will arise and check the door for Elijah the Prophet, who was prophesied to return “before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” This was one of the last prophecies given to the Jews, which is perhaps why it is so important to them.

At the same time that Joseph and Sidney Rigdon were praying to dedicate the temple, Jewish Rabbis were in a special prayer meeting to call Elijah the Prophet to come as was promised. They didn’t know their prayer had actually been answered.

1949- 1950, 1967- 1968 This is a huge subject. For information about the Blood Moon Tetrads, click here. What you need to know is that the blood moon tetrads (four lunar eclipses on Hebrew holidays in a year’s time frame), are very significant to God and His dealings with Israel.
In fact, according to Israeli tradition, lunar eclipses are signs to the Israelites, solar eclipses are signs to the Gentiles.

4 Blood Moons throughout History

Jan 22, 1973 – God’s calendar has 7 year cycles. Each 7 year cycle ends with a Shemitah year, which is a Sabbath year. Traditionally the Israelites were suppose to rest for the entire 7th year, or they would be punished for their wickedness.

Sept 17, 2001 – Elul 29, the last day of another Shemitah year, the United States of America was again called to repent, first by allowing a small attack to get through our defenses in an attempt to wake America up. God will give His people every opportunity to repent, He always has.

When the Trade Centers were hit the stock market closed.

1973 was a Shemitah year, Jan 22 is the day Roe v. Wade was decided, allowing parents to sacrifice their unborn children to the gods of their own selfishness. A result of this was a warning, the stock market crashedthe self same month, and the United States fell into a recession for 2 years. This isn’t the last time that God caused a crash on a Shemitah year.

On this chart you can see largest drops are on Hebrew Holidays

When the Trade Centers were hit the stock market closed automatically. The market was then reopened on the Sept. 17, which was also the last day of the Hebrew civil calendar, Elul 29. On that day the stocks dropped 7%, another warning for us to repent. We were then blessed with prosperity for 7 years, but we abused it.

Sept 29, 2008 – Elul 29, again the last day of a Shemitah year and cycle, the United States has been greedy, wicked, and forgotten the Lord. He called us to repentance  by again dropping the stocks 7%, this time it dropped 777 point. This was followed up with a more harsh warning, the 7 years of famine.

June 26th, 2015 –  Historically the day that Babylon breached Jerusalem’s walls and Babylon entered the cities to capture, exile, and destroy Israel, on account of their wickedness.

This day is when the destruction of the family was institutionalized.  An organized effort to destroy the family. This is different because it wasn’t going on in the background, it is a legal and mandatory requirement that we accept this grievous sin into our society.

Also, 2015 is a Shemitah year, a year of judgement for wickedness.

Sept 13, 2015 – Another Elul 29 during a Shemitah year. Financial state of the world has been rocky, China trying to sink the US dollar with economic warfare, Greece collapsing (again), but not specific crash on this date. The DOW dropped 10% just two weeks prior, one instance found here.

More importantly, Muslims attacked Jews on the Temple Mount who were going to pray for Rosh Hashana, and Saudi Arabia threatened a holy war.

Present Time

Sept 23, 2017 – I will write more on this sign, for now watch this video as explanation.

For more details, and an in depth study of additional dates, an LDS Jewish convert goes over his findings here.