Response to The Prodigal Daughter4 min read

      I was hoping to post this directly to her page, but  has blocked comments on her blog. The sad thing is that she expects to be some sort of a “shining example” for similarly lost prodigal Saints.

      What she doesn’t seem to realize is that she is still lost, she still needs to return to the Father and come with a broken heart and contrite spirit. She is, I am sure, not a bad person, but she is also not the example that needs to be set.

      Who should be our example? Christ, of course, and any others who follow His footsteps, and this mindset:

          “And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.”

       Who do we want to follow? Do you want to inherit eternal glory, or do we want to be eternally “ok” as Allison says? The way to tell where we stand is which of the following we aligned with. Do we say “Not my will, Father, but thine be done.” Or will we pridefully say “Not thy will, Father, but MINE be done.”

      How different the mind of Christ is from the mind of man. Mankind wants to make their own way, to rely on their own understanding, as limited and finite as it is. We have the help of an omniscient, omnipotent, loving Father, and we think we can do it better ourselves? I mean seriously??? 

       Anyways, perhaps this will find its way back to Allison. She is welcome to open dialog with me on my blog, since hers is probably too much of a hot spot right now, which is understandable. Okay, enough of the intro, here we go:

I see where you are coming from Allison. I disagree, not because of prejudice, or Mormon cultural norms, but because of scripture. Wickedness never, ever, ever was happiness. Your daughter will be happier if you teach her that happiness is found in keeping the commandments, instead of teaching her to “do her own thing.”

      Do God’s thing. He has a better plan for you, than what you have for yourself. It will be more rich and fulfilling than anything you can imagine for yourself.

      You might be comfortable, you might have some happiness in your life, but it is a fraction of the happiness and joy that God has in store for you, if only you will faithfully keep the covenants that you have already made. 

      What it boils down to is confusing happiness for less guilt.

      You may disagree with that, and that is okay. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but if our opinions are not aligned with God’s, and with the scriptures, then they are wrong. That’s right, just because you are entitled to your own opinion doesn’t mean you are right.

      Again, don’t do “your own thing,” do God’s thing. He has a better plan for you, than what you have for yourself. He is your Creator, He has a plan specifically for YOU, but you have to follow His lead, follow His example, be obedient to your Creator’s commandments, if you ever hope to find lasting peace and happiness. Any other plan that you make for yourself will end in tragedy.

      Finally, it is impossible to find happiness outside the Plan of Happiness. I know that God loves and has more mercy for you than any of us realize. I also know that we will be held responsible for the knowledge that we do have, and that mercy cannot rob justice.

      Please, please, please, anyone who is not valiantly following Christ’s faithful and obedient example, turn back to Him, and follow His precepts. Find happiness in God’s gentle commands. There you will find love and happiness that you may have forgotten. The warmth of the arms of mercy are still extended toward you.