Confusing the Mark of the Beast with Microchips3 min read

I’ll start out by saying that I don’t recommend getting a microchip inserted in your body, as it seems like a security hazard. However, I want to point out that the same hazard is presented by having a cellphone or credit card.

And yet, a righteous man can use any of this technology without covenanting with Satan, so clearly the item is not the Mark of the Beast, the wicked covenant is.

An RFID Microchip for Animals

With that out of the way, the reason I wanted to write this is that I’m frankly tired of people confusing the two.

Scriptural Discussion

The Mark of the Beast is required in the kingdoms of the devil to buy and sell. Sure, that sounds like a microchip, but it also sounds like a credit card. Or, money in general.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Now a question from the Church’s manual. In what ways do Satan’s followers “mark” themselves? (see Isaiah 3:9Alma 3:13–19).

The Good vs. the Evil

Let’s look closer at the system that Satan tries to set up wherever he has influence. He is not a clever person. He isn’t very creative, all he can do is take that which has been made, and corrupt it. I don’t know that he has had a truly novel idea since he first rebelled. In other words, he is the “father of lies.” A counterfeiter.
So for every good thing Christ has made, Lucifer imitates a corrupt version of it.
You’re probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with the Mark of the Beast?”
Great question. The MARK of the Beast. MARK. MARKING.
Think, Latter-day Saints.
If you need a tip, read Helaman 6:20-26.

So we see that the covenants we make with God are only valid when we are accountable for what we are doing. We are even asked if we do it of our own free will, because if anyone tried to force a covenant upon us it would not be valid. Now ask yourself, is getting technology implanted in your body an intentional covenant with anyone? Good or evil? No. It’s very, very similar to picking up a new cell phone. If you got the microchip with the knowledge and intention of making a covenant with the devil that would be one thing, but you could also get a cell phone with that expressed purpose.

The Timing of the Mark

Scriptural scholars agree that Revelations is in chronological order. John, or God Himself, will pause the narrative to teach us a lesson from time to time, but we can safely say that the events in Revelations are in chronological order. So at the very earliest we have to see the events that occur in Rev. 12 before some time later we will see what occurs in Rev. 13. To see one of the signs in Rev 12, check out the following video.

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The Mark in Societies
While the Mark will be required in nations controlled by Lucifer, the Mark of the Beast will not be permitted to be used in the Kingdom of God,;that is, anywhere that Zion reins and Christ is King. So when Zion is sealed off (D&C 61:15-16), none but the righteous, especially none who have covenanted with Satan, will be able to come to the land of Zion, the New Jerusalem.