Rational Minds vs Tin Foil Crazies4 min read

This was a fun article to write, it explores the tactics the secret combinations use on the people of America to keep us distracted, misinformed, and (embarrassingly enough) shy. 

We are going to look at why conspiracy theorists have been painted as being loons. Let’s look at real tactics used by the Devil, and consider how they relate to our day.

Ancient Tactics

From the time of his rebellion, Satan has referred to as “the accuser of our brethren.” (Rev 12:10) 

Lucifer’s angels follow the same tactics. They accuse the righteous of hypocrisy, of being foolish, crazy, or bigoted, of being merciless and uncaring. Sometimes they even get the elect to parrot their lies simply because that is what society has accepted as being normal. 

The fact of the matter is that conspiracies have been a part of human society since the dawn of man, and that hasn’t changed as the rest of society has progressed. If anything, they have simply gotten more clever at hiding while they consolidate power. 

And these things do happen in our time. Some of them have been exposed, though the media avoids the word conspiracy and favors the word “scandal.” Scandals are fun, wrist slapping misdemeanors; conspiracies are dirty, and only crazy people believe in them, right? 

It is plain to see that the Church of the Devil wants to discredit anyone who is suspicious of the secret works of their works, and the works of their father. 

Rational Minds vs. Tin Foil Crazies

This tactic has been incredibly effective. Even the word “conspiracy” is enough to shut down the minds of a lot of rationally minded people. Perhaps we forget that the very first murder in the history of the world was a conspiracy. It was a secret combination, the very first one, between Cain and Satan.

But even though greed and lust for power are as tempting a sin as ever, conspiracy theorists have been painted as food hoarders wearing tin foil hats, living in bomb shelters in the mountains. 

And to be fair, there are some real wacky ones out there which have burned rational people out to where they won’t even consider the ones that may actually be true.

And yet, anyone who reads the scriptures knows that the Devil is hard at work to destroy our liberty. The Devil is hard at work trying to prove that his plan of stealing our agency would have worked. It is, therefore, imperative that he instruct his troops to distract and confuse the good and righteous people of the world. By the way, I will refer to the Church of the Devil, which is any organization, official or unofficial, that knowingly or unknowingly works to steal the liberty and rights of human kind. Politicians, the media, even confused patriots can be enlisted by 

The sad thing is that in the Information Age how easy it is to publish information without evidence or proof. And this happens with conspiracy theorists too, of course, not just the Church of the Devil (in all its official and unofficial forms). 

Because of this, our society has a difficult time being able to recognize good information and bad information. Here is an ironic example:


In tactics of espionage, this method of overwhelming a society with worthless or bad intelligence is called disinformation, and its highly effective:

So now we have 4 groups of people. 

  1. The large part of them are asleep. They know the pop culture news, but have no idea what is going on around them. They support the Church of the Devil because they have been pacified and lulled away into carnal security. They have been cheated, and are being “led carefully down to hell.” (2 Nephi 28:21)
  2. The next group are awake, willing to receive information and consider it rationally, though I think many are too afraid to say anything because the large group of sheep get upset when you point out the butcher coming at you with a knife. Heaven forbid you break the lull of carnal security held by the world.
  3. The third group are the loud, hysteric doomsdayers, who don’t have the discernment (though they swear they do) to know that the Lincoln quote was made up, and will insist that the government has a time machine. 
  4. The last group are those who are intentionally trying to dumb us down, and bind us as slaves.

What Can We Do?

The responsibility of rational minds is to ignore the tin foil crazies, and informed other rational minds. Prepare facts, and present yourself well, use discernment. Be prepared to be corrected, because there are some conspiracies out there that just do not add up. 

Have courage, realize that you are making a difference!