Candidates vs the Constitution1 min read

This is a work in progress, specifically written for those who know Hillary Clinton is evil, corrupt, and a threat to the Constitution and our freedoms, but believe Donald Trump will protect and defend the Constitution better than she will.

We are going to do a little exercise to see which candidates are trying to violate the Constitution starting with the Bill of Rights. First we will list the Bill of Rights and underline each right. Notice: The Bill of Rights is not a comprehensive list of all the rights God has given us.

You can find the Bill of Rights here.

Now let’s go through and list which of these rights the candidates have attacked at least once, if not more. By the way, if you have sources you want to add, just let me know in the comments.


By the way, saying, “I love and will defend the Constitution” does not mean they actually love the Constitution, nor does it mean they will defend it. Both candidates say that because it is easy to say. However, it is harder to cover up a mindset of Big Government/anti-Constitution policies. So you tell me. Are either of these candidates going to preserve a document they care nothing for? How is he going to know what a Constitutionalist looks like when he is getting ready to nominate someone for the Supreme Court if he doesn’t know the Constitution himself?