Trump and Never Trump – Accountability and a Clean Slate2 min read

Accountability & a Clean Slate

It finally happened!!! The election is over, Trump won and Clinton lost! You know what that means? We don’t have to talk about her any more in comparison to Trump! It’s over. The witch is dead! The threat of a Clinton presidency is gone, probably forever. Hopefully forever

Republicans, let’s make peace. In an effort to do this, I present to you….

The Clean Slate



This is how I propose we do that.

We can all hold him accountable to his promises, and to our values as freedom loving, Constitutional Conservatives. He has a suspicious past, but if he holds to the Constitution now, I will support him every step of the way.

Remember, it is now okay for everyone to hold Trump totally accountable now, Clinton CANNOT take the Presidency.

This is how I propose we do that.

  • #NeverTrump voters: Give him a clean slate. If he does well, give him props. There is no going back, so we might as well treat this as a new birth. A new beginning. I won’t hold any of his past deeds against him, only the violations to the principles of liberty and morality from this point on. But I will also not compromise my values, nor the principles and integrity of the Constitution.
  • Trump voters: Don’t make the mistake Democrats make. They are loyal to a fault. We all see it, their candidates can do no wrong. It’s how the Clintons and Obama get away with…. everything. No one holds them accountable. So if he does something to violate the Constitution, if he tries to further break the Constitution, if he pursues Big Government/strong-man powers, HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE. That kind of behavior is NOT okay. Trump will not, cannot protect us from Big Government. We are still suffering the effects of the Patriot Act. Only the Constitution can defend us, but only if we restore it. It is not sufficient in it’s current form, we need to repeal some bad Amendments.
The absolute worst thing we could do is support his every decision. We have no obligation to support him if he isn’t supporting Constitutional principles. That’s the oath he will take, right? Let’s hold him to it. We can say, “Hey, that law is not okay. I’m not going to support him in that particular action.” Again, this is a mistake we see Democrats make all the time. They are fiercely loyal to their party and politicians to a fault. In fact, it’s how the Democrats get away with, well….. murder.
Promise with Source (if available)Kept/BrokenAdditional Analyses
Repeal ObamacareKept!The concern is that he will repeal Obamacare, and then replace it with his own form of socialist medicine. His website says, "healthcare for all."
Conservative Supreme CourtSort of keptWith how much Conservatives defended Trumps nominees, we didn't realize they are really just Right leaning moderates.
DeportationBrokenThis isn't racist, it is establishing rule of law, and respect for the law. It's also more practical than most people think.
WallIn the works
Pro-Life Sort of keptHe has made some strong statements in favor of pro-life, but SCOTUS nominees were not pro-life, and abortion is still funded by taxes
Pro Second AmendmentSort of brokenHe hasn't outright banned any guns, but he did ban bumpstocks, which was pointless and dumb.
Defeat ISISTotally keptHeck yeah!!
Lower TaxesDefinitely keptTaxes are improved. Not where they need to be (repeal the 16th), but they are better.
Tariff on companies that go overseasKept, unfortunatelyTariffs cost Americans and the economy the same as taxes
Registration for MuslimsBroken, thankfullyRegardless on our feelings on the matter, or the history of someone else doing it, this violates the First Amendment in the Constitution.
Ban on Muslim Immigration Kept, but only for terrorist countries, which is greatStance disappeared from his website, but is found in earlier campaign promises
"Drain the Swamp" Sort of kept? The swamp is still full, but he can't fire Congress, only voters can.
5 year wait for politicians becoming lobbyists
Throw Hillary in jailBroken. Totally broken, in a pathetic way.The President doesn't have the power to simply throw people in jail (thankfully), BUT the President could ensure the court is not corrupted
Leave TPP/NAFTAKept! Yes!
Leave UNIn progress?
Paid childbirth leave/paid childcareBroken, thankfullyThis is another socialist program, one he got form his Liberal daughter.
Improve VA hospitalsBroken?Not sure, haven't heard about this one.
Term limitsBroken, thankfully.There is a reason the Founding Fathers opposed term limits. Actually three, one is because if you get a good one in you want to keep him. The other is that if you get a bad one in his term limit ought to be the next election IF the people are informed (if they aren't nothing will fix that). The third is imagine, 500+ Lame Ducks in Congress, and the damage they would do. Zero accountability.
Rebuild militaryKeptHe supports the military, and military funding.
Remove Libel LawsBroken, thankfully.
Kill the families of terroristsBroken, thankfully.Killing innocent civilians is a war crime, and totally immoral. If someone is fighting America they are terrorists. If their only "crime" is being related to criminals, they are not guilty of anything. This is a dangerous precident to set.
Remove 2 regulations for every new one passedKeptThough, quality over quantity. It is more important that heavy regulation is removed than a lot of light ones.
Ban on foreign lobbyistsThis one is already part of the Constitution
Freeze on hiring new federal employeesKeptWith the government shutdown, there are many gov. employees considering working for different companies.
Label China a currency manipulator
End foreign abuses for American workers
Remove regulations for energy development
Stop UN payments on global warming
Cancel unConstitutional executive ordersIn the Works
Stop funding sanctuary cities
No salary