Rev 12 Sign – Sep 23, 20172 min read

I want to sum up what is going on before you watch the video, and some of what I share is not covered in the video, but it is still interesting. 

First you will need to understand that the Greek Zodiac is a corruption of the Israelite’s Mazzaroth, which was likely revealed to Abraham and is referenced in the book of Job. Signs in the heaven are actually very common, which makes sense since God said He made them “for signs and for seasons.

Explaining the Image

To fill in a little of what is not explained in the above image, Jupiter (the King Planet), which represents Christ, enters the womb of the Virgin and remains there for 40 weeks (the period of gestation). This occurs by Jupiter going retrograde which allows this sign to appear in a way that has never happened in the last 6,000 years and it will not happen for at least another 1,000 years (that’s as far as anyone has checked, I guess no one figured earth would be around longer than that).

What the image above and the video below do not cover are the rest of the relevant verses, and how they are fulfilled this year. Well, the video goes over most of it, but misses one important detail.

This is from the same chapter, it says a dragon, or serpent, waited for the virgin to deliver. The dragon wanted to devour the man-child, but the Lord took him “to his throne” while Michael fought the dragon.

And what do we see in the heavens?

The War in Heaven

We see a serpent fighting a man, and Libra, which represents “the law,” but also “the throne of judgement,” or in other words, the throne of God. What is interesting is that Jupiter once again goes retrograde once reaching the bottom of Libra, and then ascends the throne of God. If you want to see this in action you can download Stellarium and try all of this out for yourself! I am hopeful for the future. I know the Lord will bless and protect most of those that are faithful and follow the Lord’s prophets.