The Down Low on the High Wall3 min read

I want to start by making my position clear: I support the wall, and I believe securing the border is a national emergency that can legally and Constitutionally be handled by the Federal Government. That being said, is an executive order the best way to do it? No, remember what happened when Trump took office? He undid most of what Obama had done by executive order. That means the next President could potentially undo every executive order Trump does. The next President might tear down the wall we just built. In short, executive orders are only effective for as long as the party that issued them is in office.

Why do Democrats support open borders?

The answer is simple: they are killing off their voters. 

Christian Conservative families are the ones having more children, then raising those children to become Christian Conservatives themselves. As Democrats abort more and more of their own children, as they promote immoral and selfish lifestyles that and unfriendly having children.

The primary source of Democratic voters is not children raised in stable households. Democrats need broken homes to replenish their supply of voters, because even the brainwashing of the public school system is not churning out enough NPC Democrats to landslide national elections. When young people hit the real world, when they start making money and paying taxes, they start voting Republican.

Sidenote: The good news is that Generation Z is actually more Conservative than any in recent history. You know the saying, “if you aren’t a Liberal by the time you are 18 then you don’t have heart, if you aren’t a Conservative by the time you are 25 you don’t have a brain,” right? This is either because Gen Z is recognizing that Liberal principles are foolish, and fail, or it is because they are going against the predominant Liberal culture. What is even better is that Gen Z is even larger than the Baby Boomers or even Millennials.

What could we do to better secure the border?

The absolute best thing we could do is end the welfare state. We could return to the days of Ellis Island and relatively open borders if we totally ended the welfare state; requiring everyone live off of the merit of their own hands, or off of willingly given charity in the case of the elderly/disabled. This would end any possibility of the lower class voting Democrat for more handouts, put more money back in American pockets, and create unimaginable opportunities for everyone in America.

If we are not willing to do that, we will need to secure the border, and we won’t have a secure border without a wall.

The argument has been made that we just need to secure the checkpoints, because most illegal activity goes through the checkpoints. The problem with that is if you make it too difficult to go through the checkpoints, then they will go where there are no checkpoints.

Hence, the need for a wall to act as another deterrent.

Is a border wall racist?

Of course not. There is nothing inhumane in saying, “You can come in, just use the door and wait your turn.”

In fact, many legal immigrants are some of those most strongly opposed to illegal immigration.

We can talk about immigration reform, making it less expensive to enter the country legally…. after the welfare state is ended and/or the border is secure. Until one or both of those things happen, Conservatives (including a growing portion of Gen Z) are not going to accept an open border, with undocumented Democrats filling the polls.