A Call to Repent & Improve2 min read

The coronavirus has been going on for a few days at the writing of this article, which many could write off as nothing more than a bad flu season. 

Then, something significant happened for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A 5.6 earthquake hit Salt Lake City UT, and just a few miles away the trump of the Angel Moroni was broken off. 

Many are speculating about the earthquake being referenced in this scripture, or that, but I think the greater significance is felt more personally. 

If God is preaching sermons through national disasters, a worldwide pandemic that is shutting down the global economy is likely a call to the world to repent, to seek God for help and salvation. However, the earthquake at Church Headquarters, knocking off the symbol of Zion’s rallying call, that is clearly a sign to the Saints. 

What kind of sign was it? Was it an alarm clock? A siren? A gentle nudge? 

I hope that it was a gentle nudge. I hope that it was our Heavenly Father saying, “Hey, remember? General Conference is coming up. I gave you instructions. You have specific questions to ponder, and scriptures to study. Are you doing what I asked?” 

I hope that the Saints, as a whole, are doing well, and this was a reminder that we can, and should, do better.  We are, after all, coming upon a “hinge point” in Church history. 

If it was a siren, then we have a lot of repenting to do. The depth of trials we must endure will depend entirely upon how faithful we are leading up to these pivotal moments.  

Every call to do better is a call to repent. To change, and become more like Christ. Are we doing all we can to be ready for the trials and blessings ahead?